When She Spoke

4 channel installation / a talk

DVD rip, 720p, b&w, 4:3, stereo, 2018, 2’38’’
A child, name unknown, living in the pedagogical farm established to caretake autistic children. The farm was created by French pedagog and philosopher Fernand Deligny established in Monoblet, France during the 1960s. The sequence is taken from the 1976 documentary Ce gamin, lá, made by Renaud Victor, about the farm life and Deligny’s pedagogical approach to communicate with the children outside of language.

Downloaded video from Haaretz.com, 480p converted to HD, color, 16:9, Hebrew/Arabic, stereo, 2018, 1’33’’
A documentation of the moments when Asraa Abed, a young Palestine women, stood in a central bus station in northern Israel with a kitchen knife in her hand, October 2015.
It was concluded by an Israeli court that a temporary mental breakdown had seemingly taken hold of her and that, in fact, she had intended to trigger a violent response in order to get herself killed. The CCTV in the station showed that while she had several opportunities to stab passers-by, she remained motionless.

Smartphone video, HD, color, 16:9, Hebrew, stereo, 2018, 4’50’’
Bedtime of Rita, the artists’ daughter.

4K blowup to 16mm film, color, 4:3, mono, 2018, 5’10’’
Light-storm in the Mediterranean Sea

When She Spoke consists of three video sequences showing scenes of three figures: two girls and a young woman.
The scenes are undirected and each moment is captured by chance. The relations constituting each image and the environment in which each sequence was created are coincidental. Regardless of that, or because of that, these relations expose a vocabulary of image production as well as a performativity of image making, both in front of and behind the lens.
When She Spoke attempts to sustain an intimate gaze on these figures, their actions and the way they are documented. The work how care and generosity function under restrictions of authority. 
The three sequences are accompanied by a 16mm film projection of lightning hitting the surface of the Mediterranean Sea.